Da Lat city has been well-known for “the city of flowers” with its cool temperature and wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, beautiful landscape, dreamy forest, and nature waterfall which are covered by surprising mountains and valleys.

From our Homestay, you can easily walk to Xuan Huong Lake, Night market, or the Lam Vien square area within 10 minutes. To go further away, you can choose either option below:


You can rent a motorbikes and can visit those lesser known places by yourself. With its year-round cool weather, and the roads around the forest are absolutely amazing, and riding a motorbike is one of the main attractions in Da Lat city. 

We can help to recommend the most affordable bike renting companies. This is free of charge, just let us know!

Taxi or Grab

You will find Taxis cruising the streets, so simply wave and they will be there to deliver you to your next destination. A short distance in town may cost from 50.000 VND.

Also, you can use Grab to call a car, this is another very good option!

Where to visit?

  1. Truc Lam Pagoda & Tuyen Lam Lake: Truc Lam Pagoda is set on top of a hill in forest. It’s best to combine these two experiences before walking down the steps to Tuyen Lam Lake, also known as one of the most beautiful Lake.
  2. Valley of Love – is a wonderful attraction to your trip to the romantic Dalat, where perfects spot for couples to travel together. You can possibly fall in love with the landscape once you entered. Don’t forget to bring camera when coming here. These fantastic scenes worth shooting.
  3. Datanla Fall – The headwater of Datanla Fall is Tuyen Lam Lake; that is why the water here is stable throughout the year. To reach the fall, there are two selections for you to choose: walking down a road or using a roller coaster service in short distance, a fascinating experience when coming here.
  4. Clay tunnel – If you travel with your family, I highly recommend you spend your free time to visit this place in the early morning or the late afternoon to avoid the strong sunlight. Every model on display is made of clay soil. You can climb up to take pictures, and it is extremely fun indeed, Especially to children.
  5. Da Lat Night market – attracts many people during the evening which is located right in Da Lat city centre, just a five -minute walk from Xuan Huong Lake. There are any local favorite foods, drinks at affordable prices, which sells in the market’s open spaces. Though freshly-cooked food is the focus of the night market, or clothes, flowers are all available as well. The market also sells vegetable, fruits, or local specialties for you to buy as gifts to take home for friends and family.

What to eat?

1. Banh can is made with rice flour, topped with a chicken egg or a quail egg, served with Vietnamese meatballs, the unique sauce is made with sweet fish-sauce peanuts, stir-fried scallion mango. 

Address: Banh Can Le – 27/44 Yersin Street, Ward 10, Da Lat City.

2. Banh my chao: It’s best to combine with eggs, meatball, sausauge, pate, beef and sweet sauces – are well-cooked in a fry fan in the early morning.

Let’s go to 300 Phan Dinh Phung Street to enjoy now!

3. Vietnamese Sandwich with Meatball – you dip bread into the soup including meatball, spring onions, sausage, pork skin, chili, etc.

Good restaurant at: 26 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 5 to eat this fantastic street food in Da Lat.

4. Bánh bèo số 4
Address : no.4 Phan Dinh Phung Street, near the Hong Hung petrol station. 1$/ plate.

5. The banh canh Noodle, Bun bo

Banh Canh Xuan An is homemade. You can ask for a bowl of “special” at only around 35.000 VND. Nearby post office. Address: 15A Nha Chung Street, Da Lat city

6. Nem nướng Ánh đông: Grilled Pork Roll is made with a peanut sauce, it’s basically a mixture of peanut, fish sauce, garlic and tapioca sauce. Address: No 03 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City.

7. Biang Bistro Restaurant
Cafe/ Fusion Restaurant/ Bar with Vietnamese & Pan Asian food with a western twist. The menu offers vegan, vegetarian, as well as meat dishes available but there are plenty of options.

Address: No 94, Ly Tu Trong Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City

8. Wooden House
The Wooden House is a cosy and romatic place with an organic garden. The dishes are in a high quality and very delicious. A good place to have dinner or an afternoon coffee.

Address: No 26 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Da Lat City

What to pack?

The difference in temperature between day and night is significant, so you should wear jacket in the early morning and in the evening. Normally it’s colder at night. At noon with a bit of sunshine, you can wear thin clothes made of cottons. 

For excursion, a pair of sport shoes and jeans with a T-shirt would be more convenient. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses, gloves, sockets, sun cream…. or you can visit Đà Lạt night market to buy warm clothes, especially sweaters with nice and various designs and materials at affordable price.