Household Electronic Devices


  1. Turn on TV box: The box changes the status from digital clock to Channel. The remote of TV box is usually the smaller one.
  2. Turn on TV: The light will be changed from red on the bottom of TV to its green. TV is on.
  3. If there is no channel, the Input might not have been correctly selected. Press ‘arrow’ button on the TV remote to until the correct input is selected, then press OK
  4. Use arrow to move for selecting TV, then press OK, whole TV screen appear 


    1. Press and hold the “On” button for 3 seconds.
    2. Select the hob that you would like to use.
    3. Select the cook level from 1-9 by pressing “+” or “-“
    1. Put the laundry into the washing machine, then press “On” button.
    2. Choose the washing mode (Press the button “Program”) if necessary, if not skip to the next step.
    3. Add the washing powder and close the lid.
    4. Finally, press the “Start” button